California Renters: How To Break Your Lease To Buy A Home

Purchasing your first house is one of the most exciting milestones you can achieve. But what happens if you’re still in the middle of the lease term when you’ve secured your first home? It can be confusing for some if you can break the lease or not to move into your new house.

In this article, we’ll check on some options you can take to get out of this predicament.

Can you Break a Lease to Purchase a Home?

Yes, you can break a lease if your contract permits it. Tenants have the right to move out early. Landlords don’t necessarily care about where a tenant resides –they just want to make sure rent is coming in.  

Keep in mind that breaking a contract has legal implications, and you can get a lawsuit filed against you. So before you purchase a house while your lease is still intact, you must understand the lease and its options.

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How to Get out of Your Lease

If you want to break your lease to move out, there are some steps you can take.

Ask for your Landlord’s Permission

The first thing you should do is ask for your landlord’s permission. Moving out without letting your landlord know is never a good idea. 

You should read through your lease agreement carefully to have a better understanding of the terms of your lease. Your landlord might let you move out in certain circumstances, for instance, if you find a tenant that will replace you.

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Enact a Home Buying Clause 

Some leases might have a home buying clause in the agreement that permits you to terminate your lease early after you purchase a house, as long as you provide the landlord with the agreed-upon amount of notice. 

Not all leases have this feature, but it's worth doing some research if you’re breaking your lease.

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Ready to Move Out?

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